The most gentle and effective way to detoxify
your body, mind and spirit!





Ear Candling or Coning is an ancient healing modality from Mayan, Egyptian and Tibetan cultures. It works primarily on the physical body by detoxifying the sinus and lymphatic systems and at the same time provides clarity of hearing and vision, improvement in the senses of smell, taste and colour perception as well as emotional stability and clearer mental function.  Lying comfortably on your side, the tapered end of the candle is placed gently into the outer opening of the ear,  The candle's calico wick is lit and a pleasant warming of the ear canal is felt as the candle performs its gentle heat and smoke detoxification.


1 hr $85

An hour of bliss.......applying acupressure therapy to your head, belly and feet to restore beautiful balance to your 7 chakra centres. Beginning and ending with a Tarot card reading to bring to light past, present and furture vision to assist you with spiritual focus.



Please see the Lifestyle section of this web-site for details.


Payment options available: cash, debit, credit card (Visa and Mastercard)

Gift Certificates are

available for all treatments -

give the gift of good health.

Colonic & Clay Body Wrap - $175
Colonic & 1hr massage – $175
Colonic & 1.5hr massage - $210
Colonic & 1hr massage & Clay Body Wrap - $245







1 hr $85 or 1.5 hr $120

An intuitive massage using a combination of remedial, deep tissue, kahuna and reiki techniques. Clears energy fields, relaxes your mind and totally re-centres your well-being.

Reflexology half an hr $50

A foot massage which stimulates pressure points on the feet to release toxins and stress from the entire body.




Argiletz Active Clay is a pure product, rich in minerals that works to cleanse, tone and revitalsie your skin and body. Imported from France, this unique sun-dried clay is extracted to ensure that the active mineral content is retained.  Following a light dry-skin body rub using exfoliating mitts, the clay is painted onto the skin with a soft brush. You are then wrapped in a muslin (breathable cotton) sheet which allows the clay to completely dry and in the process withdraw toxins through the skin. The clay is then gently washed away in a warm shower, leaving your skin soft and glowing.


Mind & Body Healing Therapies

Single session $100

Series of 3 pre-paid sessions $285

Series of 5 pre-paid sessions $450

Includes nutritional advice and complete abdominal

acupressure massage

(please refer to INSIGHT &  FAQ sections of this website for

further information about Colonics)

Menu & Method



1hr $85

Utilising a variety of Counselling techniques and philosophies, these talk sessions are designed to connect you to your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in order to identify where and why life is presenting challenges.  This is a gentle and collaborative process, you know yourself better than anyone and hold the keys to your own sense of balance and peace of mind.  Sometimes we all need someone to chat with in order to gain some clarity.  Depending on your presenting issues, a combination of goal orientated therapies will be chosen and together we can work towards setting out a program that will assist in re-empowering you towards self-actualisation.  Please also go to the Lifestyle section of this web-site for further details on Holistic Wellness Coaching.

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