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Each day it is necessary for us to "relate" to a variety of different people in a variety of different ways,  Effective communication and conflict resolution can be enhanced when you speak your truth from the therapeutic place of "I feel ......",  In the relationship area of Holistic Wellness Coaching, you will be given the space to explore your personal strenghts and weaknesses when relating to yourself and others, patterns of self-belief around "connection" and the fundamental differences between independance, interdependance and codependance.......aloneness is the presence of oneself whereas lonliness is the absence of the other.

Body in Motion




There are a variety of Holistic Wellness Coaching programs available and how these are structured depends soley upon your individual requirements and objectives. 

Fees will be quoted accordingly.

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There are SO many different ways to move your body and no one way is the right way. Utilising a variety of different exercise types to combine some aerobic, strength building and stretching will ensure that you keep your weight at a consistent level, your overall physical health in check, your stress levels at a minimum and your holsitic goals achievable. Depending on where you are with your level of fitness and your overall objectives, we can work on formulating a movement or exercise "routine" that will fit in with your lifestyle and assist with reaching your goals whether they be to start a fitness program, increase your current level or train for a goal such as a marathon. Nutrition will also be covered in this modality,

Creativity and self-expression are subjective. You do not have to paint like Picasso or perform like Mozart to express your innate abilities, You can be active in this area of your life through cooking or gardening or knitting or working with wood or really any activity that brings you enjoyment and allows you some time to be quiet and mindful. We all have  individaual talents and it's important to discover and cultivate them.

Regular journaling is an amazing way to clear your mind, especially at times of indecision.  It is an extremely powerful tool to solidify manifestations, reconfirm affirmations and unblock your fears,


In order to achieve holistic wellness, it is imperative to grasp the difference between who YOU really ARE versus what YOU DO!  Often it is first necessary to step back and review your current life........your physical and mental health, your day-to-day commitments, your relationships, your leisure activities, your time management, your goals.  How close are YOU to dividing your time and energy equally or at least evenly in the following areas?


SPIRITUAL            EMOTIONAL            MENTAL            PHYSICAL           FAMILY           SOCIAL            FINANCIAL           CREATIVE       


I once read somewhere that "YOU" are not your "life situation".  YOU are who YOU are and your current circumstances are temporary, in a non-permanent sense,  Because,,,,,,,,,,everything changes..........all of the time.  The meditation technique of Vipassana which means "to see things as they really are". teaches that anytime we are in aversion, craving or clinging, we are indeed in suffering.  If only we could stand back and view life with a mindset of "isn't that interesting", detached from the episode and the outcome, without judgement or expectation that it should be any other way than it acutually is - imagine how much easier life would be!  The way YOU respond to what happens is really your only controllable element.  In order to act with grace and compassion (to both ourselves and others), I believe it is first necessary to learn the skill of acceptance.  To practice mindfulness (practice, practice, practice), it is not necessary to sit in a lotus position chanting "OM".  Life is a moving meditation, the trick is to just be mindful wherever you are.


If there is a gap between where YOU are now and where YOU can see yourself in the future, then Holistic Wellness Coaching will be an invaluable tool for YOU.  The process will assist YOU with gaining insight into your core values and passions, identifying fears and blocks, setting goals, creating balance, energetic flow and abundance and show YOU how manifestation is possible just by "changing YOUR mind".


Below are a few of the areas open to change, growth and inspiration:










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